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Dance Theatre Arts Group​
Dance to express, not to impress


Dance Theatre  Arts Company

The Dance Theatre Arts Company offers additional training and performance opportunities to it’s members in aiding them to become well-rounded dancers.  This includes taking part in a variety of dance competitions and other events both locally and further afield. 

To be eligible students must be 6 years and above.  Younger students will need to take ballet, tap, modern and acro dance to be able to enter competitions.  Older students will need to take all of the above and in addition street jazz as they will perform a variety of dance styles.  

COMPETITION GROUP DANCES - Group numbers are made up of varying age groups and perform a variety of genres throughout the year and is by invitation only.

COMPETITION SOLOS and DUETS – All students aged 6 year and above also have the opportunity to enter competitions performing solos or duets.  Each dance learnt is then entered into competitions over the coming year.  The decision to enter in these categories is left up to the student and their parents.  

All Dance Theatre Arts Company members must be fully committed and attend all rehearsals.  Absence not only results in the student falling behind, but also has an impact on the other team members.  All absences do have an adverse affect on the quality of performance and potentially lowers the students chances of succeeding at competition.  Repeated absence will result in the student being removed from the dance/competition team.